Interview with Muhammad Ali

OK Muhammad first question. What were Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X saying that attracted you to the Nation?


Well, I had friends belong to the Islamic Temple and he called me in, in Miami. I heard Malcolm X and what attracted me he says, "Why we called Negroes? Chinese are named after China. Cubans are named after Cuba, Russians after Russia, Germans after Germany. All people are named after the country. What country is called Negro?" I said, "Man, so true." He said, "We don't have our names." So, I said to him, "Weinstein, you know is a Jew, here come Lumumba, Africa, here come Chan, Chow, Chinaman, here come Redkala, Indian. Here come George, or Joe, Jim. He could be Black or White. We all got the same name. We don't have our names. They named us in slavery, so I got me a name from Elijah Muhammad, Muhammad Ali. And as soon as I said the name Muhammad Ali, I've been recognized by Muslims all over the Islamic world.


OK, let's, let's cut. That was good. That was real good.