Interview with Muhammad Ali

Now, did you purposely act like you were crazy in those days?


Well, I knew to draw money to make people, the, or the rich people, meaning the White people at the time who could buy ring side seats. So I had to talk, act crazy, supreme, "I am the greatest of all times. I'm pretty. Tell Joe I'll win the fight." They said, "The nigger talks too much. The nigger needs to go over." So that's what made me so attractive, a Black man said, "I'm the greatest." We weren't taught like that. We were taught the Black had the bad luck. For 300 years while Blacks were here. In college you got Black-balled and Black was, Black was bad and White was good. So, me being Black. "I am the greatest. I'm pretty". That would get more people come to hear this and it put me on such a spot, I had to fight to back up my words. Blacks was supposed to be humble, me, and then me being the supreme. They showed us a White Jesus, all the Last Supper is White. All the angels are White. Some miracle White. Tarzan he came from Africa, he's White. Angels became White and Devil became chocolate, and here's a Black man, "I'm the greatest. I'm supreme". Superior, superior attitude, it's made me so hated by many Southerners, Whites and Blacks. But confident and cocky and different, that's what me so popular.