Interview with Tracy Amalfitano

Why did you persist?


Because we believed that the issue was a right issue, number one. We persisted in this--and as I mentioned before, I mean, I, I got mad. I got mad because I believed that, as much as people had a right to boycott, I had a right to send my kids to school and it was my right and why should anyone bother. If they wanted to do it, let them do it. Let them live with the fact that in ten years, their kid might turn around and say, how come you kept me out of school? I did not believe that was the right thing to do and I didn't want to have to live with that. I didn't want my kids, ten years later saying, Ma, what did, you know, why did you do this or why didn't you do this? I felt my kids should be in school and I sent them every day.


Great. Cut. Fabulous.