Interview with Tracy Amalfitano

No. That was great, that was good. I'd like you to now, school began, um, and many, many parents from South Boston boycotted, they're not sending their kids to school. Did you support the boycott?


No, I did not support the boycott at all. If you don't mind, I'd just like to backtrack about, a, a short minute. ah, after I had visited the McCormick School, ah, some of the, ah, teachers there, ah, and there was some people from the University of Massachusetts and some of the parents from Columbia Point invited me back again. And all through the summer of '74 I went over to the McCormick School and, and met with, ah, the people that were living there and the agency people and, and we discussed the possibility of maybe, ah, that there would be a potential problem in the fall but at, at no point, I don't think any of us dreamed how, how it would get later on.