Interview with Georgia Ayers

Did you remember, do you remember something about, oh cut.


Tell me that heated battle story.


Well, it's common knowledge here in, in Miami, when it gets to dealing with the police, most people will, ah, call on me. Senator Carrie Meek who is our first, ah, Black senator in the State of Florida and Bea Hines who is one of our leading Miami Herald reporters, ah, decided that they would ride with me. Well Senator Meek rode with me and Bea Hines said she would follow, so that if she got them, she can back to the Herald with the story. We went up into an area where I saw, ah, the police really reacting with some Black youth. Impulsively I move and when we stopped there was really a huge crowd and Bea said to me, ah, well she had gotten out of her car and came to the car where Senator Meek and I were and she said, Georgia, I don't, Senator Meek said, "Georgia, I don't think you should get involved." And Bea said, "Georgia, no. I mean you just don't walk into the-- " I said, "Let me tell you all, this one damned thing. If you can't stand the heat get out of my kitchen because I'm going there." And I went into the crowd where the scuffle was going on and one of the police attempted to grab me and I let him, well I didn't touch him physical, but my mouth gave him a mouth full and he goes back to the police radio and radios that we have Georgia Ayers out here. She's a shit stirrer. And I went on down to the police station and they called him and called me in and I told them, Yes, but you all stir more shit up it than I do. If the policeman hadn't killed that young man we would not be out here right now stirring shit.