Interview with Georgia Ayers

Let's go now to the aftermath. You were on something called the Dade County Revitalization Board?


Yes. The Dade, well it's the, after the disturbances, our Governor decided he would put together a group of citizens, ah, to deal with the aftermath of the riots and to come up with an economic base giving, ah, they put some monies, $100,000 out to those persons who can qualify to come up with some, to build up Dade County economically. And there were eleven, ah, persons appointed to that Board, six Blacks and five Whites. It was a try but, ah, nothing, it didn't materialize as what we had hoped it to be, there are about four of those CBCs still standing, that each of those CBCs were given $100,000 seed money to build an economic base in the county, in the city rather, and only, about four of them, was $100,000 a drop in the bucket, to talk about building up your community where millions were lost during the riots and you're going to give a person a $100,000, that's not even a drop in the bucket.