Interview with Georgia Ayers

Go back now and tell me that chain story again


Go back now and give me that chain story from the rally.


Well, the rally that we had in front of the, ah, Justice Building, supposedly to have had in front of the Justice Building, got out of hand, because as I told you, Blacks came prepared to burn. They were angry because of, ah, the police officers being exonerated and they didn't want to kill so they burned. At one point I confronted the, some police officers, I said, "I hear those guys are going over to get the State building." The cops say, "Let it burn. I, I don't care about that." Then, at that moment I saw this Miami Herald reporter come up and she was complaining about her chain. Someone snatched her chain. I said, Sweetheart, you're worrying about a damn chain, you better worry about your life, who care about a chain. But, I'm trying to find a police officer to tell him. I said, You better get your ass out of here, baby, because the chain is secondary. And, Well, I'm not going anywhere. To make a long story short, I finally escorted her into the Dade County jail because that was the safest place to be, in the Dade County jail. We had to go there because we couldn't get out of the area. The police had cordoned off the area because they had broken the window in the police station and that's com., I mean that's defiance of the law when you attack the police station. So, they called in a police officer from the other municipalities and they, ah, just blocked off that entire area. And I had to stay in the jail myself, oh, about five or six hours because police were shooting at everything that moved. At that point they, ah, bombed the, firebombed the Graham Building, which was named after Governor Bob Graham, the State Building, there were some cars that had the county tag on them under the expressway, they torched them and every car that looked like it might have been an official car, anything to do with the system, they were burned. And, ah, when we were given clearance to go home, that same White child, because she was a child to me, that I tried to get to leave early, I had to take her home.