Interview with Georgia Ayers

Take me back now to Overtown, people who are left there, the academics called them the underclass, what do you--


Underclass, the system, if they are underclass it's what the system perceive them to be. They are human beings. They are people that need a place to eat, live and sleep, just like everybody else. They have grown all Overtown because the system has not provided for them a better way of life. They didn't kill Overtown. Urban renewal killed Overtown. Those families are living on their properties that most of it has been condemned and the system is just sitting there waiting for them to lose it so they can lap it up and build apartments the way that they're doing over there right now. I passed there yesterday and saw the space there where the, Mary Elizabeth used to be, and it grieves me to see, they say they're pulling, putting an apartment there. And those apartments I guarantee you, the rent will be at least 700 dollars per month to stay there. Those people that live in Overtown, don't get that amount of money to pay for rent. So they don't care about those people. If the system could take all of those folk from Overtown and put them in the wilderness someplace, they will build for them out there, but they got people like myself and other community people here, who will die before we see them taking Overtown without a good fight.