Interview with Georgia Ayers

How do most Blacks feel about the Latin presence?


Just like the Whites feel about it. I don't hate anyone. But I do know that, ah, Latins own this community. I do know that Latins control it. If you go downtown right now, and you hear an Anglo voice, it's shocking. "Oh, you mean, you people are still around." And that's what some of the Whites are saying. They may not say it openly but that's what they said to me, some of my good White friends like some of my best friends are White. That old cliche, Whites used to say, "Well my best friends are Black." Whites dislike the fact that they cannot go downtown and confront a sales person in the store and me no speakee[SIC] English. They got to call someone to interpret. They say that but they don't, they feel it but they don't want to come out and openly say it. I'm saying it because it's the truth. I still love everybody. Some of my best friends are White. Some of my best friends are Black. Some of my worst enemies are White. Some of my worst enemies are Black, Latin, or whatever. I love people. But the facts of life is that's what's happening in Dade County and across the nation today.