Interview with Georgia Ayers

We hear a lot from others about Overtown and they say it was a marvelous place. How do you remember it?


I remember Overtown as being my world ah, whatever fun or whatever I anticipated as enjoying life I'd look to Overtown. That's all Blacks had here in Dade County, was the Ritz Theater, the--well you had three choices: the Ritz, the Harlem, or the modern theater. And, you know, on Saturdays you would leave one and go to the other theater to enjoy whatever life had to offer. Of course I was, in my younger years I couldn't take in the nightbeat, Clyde Killens or the Mary Elizabeth Hotel. But when I got older ah, that's where I went for entertainment and we looked forward to going Overtown 'cause I grew up in an outlying area, a little subdivision. But when we got ready for what's happening, we went to Overtown.