Interview with Amiri Baraka

But when you're standing there, you're looking at it, what are you thinking?


I just think like I think that I always think, somehow my job to do something about it. I mean it's an intimidating, this crazy, you know, thing that's happening has got to be dealt with, you know. So I called a recess, you know, and said, "We've got to deal with this. These people are walking off." I don't know how many delegates, one hundred and some delegates getting up, walking off the floor. You know obviously, I guess like they would do at any big convention. You're going to have to call it to a halt. I think we called it to a halt another time when I was up there, they called and said there was bomb in there. We had to call it to a halt again. Although to tell you the truth, I wasn't going to call it to a halt, with the bomb scare, until the police came out, the Black Police Chief, saying, "You better call it for a couple of minutes," because I didn't think there was a bomb. I thought it was just, you know, racists at work, which it proved to be.