Interview with Amiri Baraka

The other thing you mentioned, Diggs. Now at one point on Saturday, Diggs does this thing where he overrides a voice vote, um, I think it was on the agenda, and you were then, and it's almost a sense of unraveling. And you then go to the delegations that night. Can you talk about that?


Well you see there was always, already that kind of internecine struggle between, you know, the forces of electoral politics, little petty bourgeois status quo, Negroes, although I thought Charlie Diggs finally came a long way in, in, in trying to be more sympathetic to the mass line, and I think he paid for that, you know, cause he was supposed to be chairman of the House Committee on Africa and then they bounced him out of there, you know, just about that time, which is what they do. Which is a pattern.