Interview with Amiri Baraka

And what do you do? I mean to describe that night of going because people tell me you were tireless. You just went delegation to delegation.


Well, I would, you know, that was, I saw that as my job. I was trying to see that, ah, the majority who I always thought of as that, I, I was going to speak for because I wasn't an elected official. I wasn't a mayor or wasn't a congressman but I was a Black Nationalist. I was an activist. And I thought a lot of those people had come to Gary because of our organizing, our, you know, pleading with people to come and, you know, be part of a whole Black political development. And I thought it was important that the thing, not fly apart. That we talk to the people and find out, ah, what could be done other than, you know, just walking out, you know, just, ah, breaking down into, you know, let's say, even worse, ah, tactics. Because, you know, I mean.