Interview with Amiri Baraka

I'm sorry, mention the slogan.


Yeah, Unity Without Uniformity, and, ah, I had gotten, you know, associated influence by Karenga, influences associated with Karenga back in, what was it, '67, you know, about that time and, ah, that was one of the slogans that in his so-called doctrine, Unity Without Uniformity, which actually is the United Front, which meant that people had the right to maintain their own political views even though they would submit in a united front formation to, ah, the greater need that they could agree on. You understand what I mean? That, it didn't mean you had to completely abolish your views but that there was an area in which you could submit to common kind of, you know, common accord, you know, common, ah, discussion and diplomacy, negotiation for the sake of everybody's, ah, development. And so even though Karenga and I had separated by then--