Interview with Amiri Baraka

And personally, I mean did you feel tired, did you feel jubilant?


Well, I mean tiredness is always, I think, you know, the physical part that is momentary. You feel really now, ah, beginning to get your mind ready to analyze what has to be done now. What are the new tasks, you know, what folks do you have to contact, you know. What things do you have to do. You begin to sum up and take a postmortem, at the same time, you know, congratulating, ah, people, I guess yourself to a certain extent. But, you know, I think there was a deep feeling for the people involved that we felt, I think, great respect for each other, because it was a large project and it meant coordinating a great many Black people from all over the world. And to see that done and to see that done with such impact was a deeply satisfying feeling. We felt for sure that, you know, we were, you know on the winning track, without a doubt.


OK, cut, that's nice.