Interview with Amiri Baraka

Is he beginning to take promise in terms of, as opposed to what you're saying with Dr. King, or--?


Well for me, Dr. King, I, when I was a young man, I never really, ah, approved of Dr. King. What Dr. King did, I always saw that as something imposed upon us by people thinking that we had to qualify to be free. I never agreed with that. I just recently came to see Dr. King in a more progressive light, because Dr. King was much more progressive than even the image that was given out by his sycophants fans and followers, you see. But make no mistake, Dr. King was a positive force in our movement. The fact that a whole lot of these preachers think they can do the same thing, just stand in the pulpit, is not true. Dr. King was an activist, you know, and he was--