Interview with Amiri Baraka

Could you also give me a personal sense of Malcolm at that meeting. I mean, how did he personally impress you?


Malcolm, well I think Malcolm impressed, I mean, the people who saw Malcolm and who understood what he was talking about, I think he impressed me like that. He was a, a sincere, forceful man who, ah, understood with a great deal of clarity, ah, what had to be done to, you know, resist White supremacy and to resist the whole kind of national oppression that Black people were subjected to. And I think he was a man who had dedicated his life to that. You know and I can, I can see that and feel that and, indeed I think, ah, many of at the time felt the same way. That this was what we wanted to do with our lives, you know, to fight, you know, to fight against this kind of, ah, this, this kind of scourge, which by that time was getting even more open, if you remember. I mean the Kennedy--