Interview with Laverne Barkley

Did you ever go to the prison during the riot or did you stay here in Rochester?


No, no, I didn't go during the riot. I sat here. I had a tremendous telephone bill. Which some of the organizations later helped me pay, some of organizations here in Rochester, because I called every well known legislatu-legislator, entertainer, I called every organization that I knew of and as someone would give me a name of someone else, I would call and ask them to go to Attica, call there, do whatever they could, because I believed that a lot of people were going to lose their lives. I did this because I was fearful. I just, nobody could tell me. They would tell me well nothing is going to happen. That type of thing could happen. But I lived with it, I couldn't sleep because it was there inside of me. And I did everything I could at that time to try to contact people who had a little, a weight. That they could contact someone and keep them from going in there killing anybody.