Interview with Laverne Barkley

One of the big concerns that the inmates had was was for amnesty. And they were very hopeful that Rockefeller might grant them amnesty or at least come to Attica. How did you feel about Rockefeller's actions?


I felt so, I felt how small can you be when all these men's lives are at stake. And they're only asking for things that they're entitled to as human beings. But you think so little about the situation that you won't even go to see first hand. I think perhaps if he had shown some interest and if he had gone perhaps he would have stopped the carnage. But, now I find out that, um, some people are saying that they can't even hold him responsible because he didn't make a lot of things in writing. Or put a lot of things in writing. There's plenty of stories. There's plenty of articles quotes from him after that tragedy justified his actions. And I don't believe that, um, anyone in that prison would have started shooting without his consent. They had to be told to do it by him. Nobody else had that power. So yes, he is responsible.