Interview with Laverne Barkley

Tell me about that again. Just, just tell me the whole story about how you would go into the visiting room and sit down and Elliot would come out. Just describe it for me.


Well ,we would go in and first we'd have to be checked for anything metal or anything like that we were bringing in. And then we were allowed to come in the visiting room. We'd have to wait for them to come down to come out. And, every time he came out and every time we visited whoever was in that that visiting room they had guards, and other visitors, other inmates as well, would see Elliot come out and give that Black Power salute. And when he'd sit down I would say "Elliot don't do that you know because you're here. You're in prison. You're behind bars. Where you have no power and nobody to help you. If they decided to do something to you they can say it's an accident and, and nothing will be done. You just can't do that. You frighten me. You make me afraid for you." And despite this, my telling him this numerous times I just stopped, stopped telling him, because he would always come out the same way: giving the Black power salute.