Interview with Laverne Barkley

During the uprising one of the concerns of the inmates was, was for Governor Rockefeller to come and bear personal witness to what was going on. Tell me how you felt about that and then if you can remember to use the Governor Rockefeller's name so we know who your talking about.


When I saw Elliot on television I was very, very frightened for him. I knew that what he was saying and what he was doing was nothing wrong; it was right. But to me I was just fearful for him. And I feel that our governor, Governor Rockefeller, should have shown enough interest to come. He was asked to come several times. And I'm sure other officials there asked him to come. Perhaps Arthur Eve and someone else and others that were there. I don't know. But I know I was calling. I was calling and I called Rockefeller several times his office and to no avail. Governor Rockefeller didn't seem to care. All he could do was stay away and issue an order for the prison to be retaken. That's all he did.