Interview with Laverne Barkley

In your own words tell me some more about what Elliot believed, the kinds of things that inspired him, and how he viewed his fellow inmates, and--


He sympathized with his fellow inmates. He did to such an extent that he jeopardized his coming home that week. He was there on television vocalizing their concerns. I can't say anything more than that. That he not only wasn't lip service 'cause he, unlike them, they were there. They were going to be there. He was coming out of that prison within a couple of days. But he took the risk and he stayed and he was their spokesman. And this is, if you look back, if I look back on things that he did in the past, sort of something like that, when he'd jump into a situation that wasn't his doing but he felt was unfair. If three or four guys are beating up on one guy, it wasn't his fight, but he'd do that.