Interview with Laverne Barkley

How did you feel when Elliot was sent to jail? Did you feel that he'd gotten treatment that he wouldn't have had he been someone White? Did you feel that the system was unjust in that way?


I felt that Elliot got the treatment he got because he was uniquely himself, Elliot. And that he would stand for himself, no matter what. And under those conditions and where, and the fact that he was behind bars, that type of attitude and behavior was certainly not looked on, you know, positively. So therefore I feel as though Elliot would have a problem if you disliked especially a Black male it's forever being himself and forever going to be no matter what happens to him, no matter what you do to him, even if you put him in the hole he's going to come out the same way. Because he won't--

--change unless he feels that there's a good reason to change. And certainly there wasn't anything wrong to me with his being, acting like a man and letting you know that he is someone important because he's made in God's image. He is a human being.


That's wonderful, thank you.