Interview with Ruth Batson

How come Black parents wound up in court?


Well, after the um, all of this hoopla, the sit-ins and the stay-outs and the meetings and th--All kinds of things happened. Right after that Operation Exodus c--came about. METCO was devised. These were some of the benefits. There were ah, all kinds of independent programs that started in the community; New School for Children. Um, ah, an experimental school. All of these, the Black community turned its efforts to trying to set up various programs to give parents options because we were not getting any place with the Boston school committee. But then there were always students left in this school system. And so um, those parents began to mobilize. And they tried everything. They tried the appeals. They tried going to the school committee. They tried going to everyone to get help. So finally they decided that the only recourse left to them was the court. You know, it's part of our history that the court will help us. And um, we had always looked upon the court as a friendly place to go at that time in these issues. And so they went to court.


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