Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

Because it was such a public finding and you had, you know, that's a commission in Washington - do you remember how you felt when the final report came out?


Well, when the initial report ah, was published on ah, on the Detroit ah, situation ah, many of us were quiet embittered - mainly because of the coverage that we got during the ah, the Detroit ah, emergency. We didn't consider it to be, um, overriding riot per se. We ah, we saw isolated incidents, we saw ah, a lot of fire bombing um, there were some isolated ah, ah, incidents of ah, snipers, but as far as ah, massive ah, with the exception of groups and groups of people getting together ah, we didn't see any rioting per se. And as far as the pilfering or the, the looting that went on ah, we felt like that was just basically a natural reaction for people ah, the building was burning down anyway so they might just as well ah, confiscate and, and take what they could.