Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

And now let me just quickly ask you one, the, the question again about the police, in terms of the mood, what was coming at you, the possibility that some of its policemen might not be on the up and up, that you had heard stories - can you tell me that again?


Well, we had ah, seen for a fact, that here's ah, two squad cars ah, come in with ah, four police officers in each squad car from ah, the downtown Detroit area--every one of them had ah, loaded shotguns ah, they had ah, ah, extra pistols and ah, it seems as though they were over-armed for a policing action. And ah, as time went on of course, that got reduced out and ah, as, as we demonstrated that ah, while we were armed, we were using the least amount of resistance as was necessary, because we were dealing with, with ah, our own ah, citizens of, of Michigan, and most of them were ah, good solid citizens too.


Great, OK. Cut. Thank you very much.