Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

Could you set the scene for me as you were driving towards Detroit, you had told me about the convoy, and what you saw. Can you tell me who you were driving with and what you see?


Ah, well first of all, I was leaving Camp Grayling ah, this was part of our middle weekend during an annual training period and ah, I was leading my convoy to ah, Detroit and ah, we had stopped for refueling just outside of Detroit and ah, approximately 20 miles away - and we could see ah, the whole city of Detroit ah, literally ah, in smoke. And ah, my driver and, and ah, my first sergeant were in the vehicle with me and ah, we was talking to one another about this situation and our radio of course was going and we were being briefed up on ah, the situation as it was developing in downtown Detroit. And of course at that time, we didn't have a specific mission. Our, our ah, assignment was to report to this ah, artillery armory on Eight Mile Road. And so we stopped for refueling and at that point we ah, we issued ah, ammunition, we gave a basic briefing to our ah, troops, and ah, prepared them ah, ah, for, for basically ah, the normal combat missions. And then from that point we ah, proceeded on to the artillery armory.


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