Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

So if you could tell me about what's happening on Grand and Michigan.


OK, downtown ah, Detroit, on ah, Grand and Michigan Avenue, we were on a mission with ah, the fire department primarily, who was trying to put out a bank fire. And ah, it was at that point ah, when we were protecting the firemen putting out the fire, that the surrounding ah, ah, area, was ah, ah, surrounded with some vacant buildings and the likes, and from the top of one building ah, nearby, we got a sniper firing at the, the ah, firemen. Well, the firemen were ordered then to ah, evacuate and ah, in doing so, they didn't even have time to disconnect their hoses. They ah, took off and that left hoses ah, laying in the streets ah, and when they'd come to the end of the hoses ah, they of course snapped and ah, you had water hoses ah, all over the streets ah, like snakes ah, the water flying around uh--our troops stayed in ah, surrounding areas and ah, under cover, and ah, they finally did get the water hoses shut off and the, or the hydrants shut off and, and the police officers ah, in the area, did assist in getting ah, everything secured, and finally the ah, fire department could return.