Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

So if you could tell me again what it was like trying to protect fire fighters in the midst of this.


The ah, fire fighters in downtown Detroit trying to put out fires, consistently we was receiving sniper fire from various buildings or from down the street - not always knowing where the, the firing was coming from un--unless you happened to see the flash. So ah, we would employ our troops to take cover behind vehicles, around--behind trees, alongside of ah, of buildings ah, to, to protect them, first of all, and then for them to be w--on the watch for snipers. Ah, but the urgency ah, is always there when ah, when someone fires at you, you naturally--the first thing is to take cover, and then to look and see where the, the firing came from. And of course ah, when the fire department was ordered to evacuate the area, the police officers and ah, the Guardsmen, stayed ah, fixed in place and ah, still had a mission to ah, relieve the situation by one, ah, containing ah, the sniper in his place and ah, two try to get rid of that sniper one way or the other to ah, allow the fire department the safety and security to come back and fight the fire.