Interview with Colonel Howard Becker

Can you tell us what happened?


OK. We were ah, operating a road block in downtown Detroit ah, it covered a wide ah, a wide four lane ah, road, but ah, no divider in the center. And so it took a good ah, sized road block to cover ah, all four lanes. Ah, just behind that was a primary fire station that ah, housed a lot of ah, fire fighting equipment. So the purpose intended here was to protect the fire fighters and their equipment while they were getting it ready to go out and fight more ah, large ah, building fires. And ah, as the road block was established ah, I was near the fire station when I heard them holler that there was ah, the road block was being run and witnessed ah, a ah, large ah, Buick, four door, go through the road block ah, ah, take one side of ah, of the intersection and ah, ah, they fired on our ah, ah, road guards and ah, consequently ah, the order was given to return fire and r--they did return fire, the vehicle ah, ah, rolled over at the next ah, at, at a ah, ah, road intersection, and ah, the troops went down to ah, to get the people who were inside the vehicle. By the time they got there they had already ah, evacuated the vehicle and ran away, so they saw them running away but there was no intent to shoot them per se, at the time.