Interview with Harry Belafonte

And the feelings?


The assassination was, ah, ah, ah, a tremendous sense of loss, a great loss, ah. First of all, leaders were hard to come by. They weren't just growing up every day, not to the stature of a Malcolm and not to the stature of a King. Ah, we had leaders who were able to work in, in, in specific areas and, and do very specific things, all the strategic, terribly important, as a matter of fact, in the long haul, they had been the most important because they became the caretakers, the leaders that were local and what not. But, certainly from a national and international perspective, we didn't have many who had that platform or were given that platform, because media still controlled who was heard and who was not heard. And, ah, ah, certainly Malcolm had that platform and had it, ah, quite vigorously. And he and Dr. King coming together, was the most wanted, ah, goal.