Interview with Harry Belafonte

--shining Black men--


Right, well Ossie's eulogy was, I think, most clearly, excuse me, . Ossie's eulogy was clearly a reflection that was felt by everyone. It was not, his eloquence and his own poetry is always there, but I think that--the glory of Malcolm and what he was potentially, not even what he had achieved, not even what he had overcome in his own personal life but to go on was, was, was, was for many of us, it, as a matter of fact, it, it gave the movement from the point of view of positive, powerful leadership, a more horizontal frame. Everything in our leadership has been vertical. You cut off the head you get everything else and that certainly was true of much of America in that period whether it was Kennedys or whether it was King or whether it was, ah, Malcolm, ah, and, and a host of others. Ah.