Interview with Harry Belafonte

The birth of the baby in the water.


The war--water's broken, birth of the baby, nation time. Ah, Jesse was also on his own campaign. Ah, I think Jesse, with PUSH, with his base in Chicago, having come out of, ah, the, the late travels with Dr. King and having been at Memphis, ah, and all the controversy around that. But he came out of this meeting as a, as a, I think it was the first time that people heard Jesse in a way that we were to have heard, that we were to hear Jesse from that moment on. Ah, very articulate. Had a way with words. Ah, most people described it as, as his audition for heir apparent to Dr. King's role. Ah, I think Jesse has always worn that mantle. I think he's always felt that calling. I don't think he felt the calling to be specifically Dr. King. I think he's, he knows that no one will ever be that. But if anyone is to inherit Dr. King's legacy and move it forward to some campaign, Jesse certainly has filled that role and started to play it even then.