Interview with James Bevel

All right, start the story over if you—


Well I'm saying see, I have to tell the story from my experiencing and how I was experiencing people and what they were doing in my environment. I'm sure that based on me running nonviolent workshops and students seeing me as a nonviolent teacher. Their conduct around me probably would be different say, if they was around the street, in the corner, etc. But in relation to my experience in the young people in particularly in all of the confrontation processes in Birmingham, I would say that I had, I had not met even the Birm—I mean the Nashville students who was on a college level did not manifest the kind of maturity and strength of character those young people in Birmingham. So that—that I think that that is what is phenomenal about that movement. That you had the total high school population operating at a highly internal discipline, not in terms of external forces, but internal discipline than any movement I've seen. And I'm sure that, like I said, children are children. They act young people act, like young people, and they didn't always go around acting like, you know, monks or anything like that. But in terms just in terms of respect and , decor...