Interview with James Bevel

Now, Andy Young has told us that as a result of the Sixteenth church bombing you and Diane Nash came up with the whole idea for the Selma campaign. If that's true, could you tell us how you thought that through?


Yeah, well we were dealing with, well, if the sheriff was involved in that and the deputy sheriff was involved in that, then the way we can stop the bombings is to give the black people the option to put sheriffs and irresponsible law-makers and law enforcing agents out of office since they're elected by the people. So, rather than being mad and asking for Kennedy to send the army down and those kinds of things, let's take to the people, since all of the people are angry, and all the people feel the shock of this violation. Let's take to the people a strategy and a plan for working on the right to vote. And what was interesting, all of the people bought into it, but the leaders had problems with it.