Interview with James Bevel

You were involved in very many campaigns. You've told us about quite a few of them today. Was there a time where you felt like you were really part of something that was big? Something that was, could be called a movement rather that just being a person, an individual that was out there fighting alone? You really felt like you were part of a large movement at the time?


Yeah, well I was of the impression that the movement was an act of God in history, and that I was simply one of the persons that he had called forth to be involved in it. And I saw it comparable to the Moses movement out of Egypt, any of the movements of that proportion. That here was a people who had been oppressed and that they were going to change that condition. And that that is an act of God and that, that you have to be faithful to God in order to get him to do that. See, 'cause, see the proposition is that you ask God to remove the oppressor because you're not going to kill the oppressor. Well, in order to get him to do that, you gotta do what he said to do. So, I feel myself a part of the God movement or historical church movement. That it's the church, it's God moving in history eliminating oppression, and war and all that, and I'm a part of that.