Interview with Unita Blackwell


Unita Blackwell:

Yeah, they came. And it was two guys, two black fellows and they went down to Henry [unintelligible]'s house. Henry [unintelligible] was a man that it was rumored that he was involved in the civil right movement, that he was a person that was in the NAACP, and at that time you, you know, it was very bad to be in the NAACP because you could get killed for being in anything, far as that concerned. But they came through here walking to this town and they was walking down the road and, I knew they were different, because they was walking fast. And we didn't walk fast at that time and they just says—waved at, you know, and says, hello. You know, we didn't say that either. We always says, how y'all feeling? And so we knew that that had to be some of them. And that evening we saw the highway patrols and police coming off the highway looking around and stuff like that so we had an idea that this must be some of these freedom riders. And—