Interview with Fred Black

the Hershey event mean?


I was in Crampton Auditorium the night of General Hershey's speech where he was invited to explain the draft and the rules and all those sorts of things. And in the middle of his address there was a protest that, ah, came on the stage and in the process General Hershey was knocked down. And I remember thinking that night that this was a major change in the direction of the campus protest movement that had been building momentum. Here's a national figure, appearing at Howard, that was going to result in many of the, the "so called" outsiders of university trying to impose their will on Howard, and they could do that very easily financially, since a significant part of Howard's budget came from the federal government. And here it was a federal officer if you will, a Lieutenant General in the Army who headed the selective service system, who had been mistreated at Howard at least in the eyes of many. Ah, and I, I just remember thinking that, "gee, the whole direction of protest on this campus is going to be different."