Interview with Fred Black

You said something about the media handled it, the way the media handled this whole thing on the campus. What was your reaction to the media coming up here with their cameras and their newspaper reporters, all their press people. What was your reaction to the media coming to Howard Campus and watching the conflict between the students and the faculty?


Well, In the case of General Hershey's visit, the media was very evident that night. And you never saw the media for most presentation. So you got the feeling that someone must have invited the media because something was going to happen that would be newsworthy, or at least in eyes of the TV stations. And that of course came about. Ah, the next day the TVs and the Newspapers all made a big deal of what happened that evening in Crampton Auditorium to General Hershey. But from that point on the Howard Protests received a lot of media attention, and there were days when you were just got accustomed to seeing reporters and TV cameras wandering around campus asking people their opinion on various things that were going on. But I think the Hershey incident for the media was a clear signal that something different was happening at Howard University. Something that was unlike, ah, student protests in days before. This was a serious, issue oriented protest movement.


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