Interview with Fred Black

The day of the takeover, a lot, a lot of your friends, a lot of students you went to school with entered the administration building. How come you didn't go in with them?


Well, the day of the takeover, I guess it was March of '68, a lot of my friends were very much involved with the takeover, in leadership roles as well as support roles,. many of us were fellow political science students. i was a few months away from graduation and a commission in the U.S. army and I had decided pretty much that I was gonna go serve in the army for at least five years, and I knew very well that that takeover could lead to a situation where my future might be very much affected by that decision to participate in that demonstration. Taking over the university was the way to go. I agreed that the situation needed to change. Something had to be resolved in the conflicts on campus, but a sit-in, takeover, a situation that could lead to violence very rapidly, was not the solution. And of course a lot of other students didn't. But I think one of the things that stands uppermost in my mind, though many of us disagreed on the methods, we were still friends and we still agreed that we were working toward the same end.