Interview with Fred Black

I'm going to ask you this again, Ewert Brown was there, and you were telling me he was a moderate. Whats different about Ewert's situation was that he wanted to go to medical school, and you situation that you wanted to go onto service.


Ewert was president of the student assembly and I think Ewert strongly believed that from his position of leadership he could do more to help keep the situation under control by being involved than by completely turning the situation over to people who may not handle it as well as he thought he could Ewert was a clear leader, there is no doubt about it. And, I'm sure Ewert as he would reflect back on those days where we debated the, the various techniques, ah, would agree that there was a lot of dissension in the ranks as to what would be the best technique. I was not going to participate in a takeover because I didn't believe that was the solution.