Interview with Fred Black

Tell me again what your parents' reaction were to what was going on on campus?


Well, my parents lived down the road on Woodbridge, even though I was living here on campus. It was a long trip to make those 26 miles back in those days, but, ah, they were following it very closely, because they were reading the Washington Post every day and getting the local D.C. television stations and they were concerned about whether it was gonna get out of hand and whether anyone's safety would be put in jeopardy, particularly just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and like all of us in that era, we've all heard our moms say the only way you get in trouble is when you're in the wrong place, and just don't be where you're not supposed to be. Well, all of sudden, where you are is where all the trouble is at a university working toward a degree. And I remember my parents saying over and over again, use good common sense; don't get yourself in a situation that is going to, negatively impact on you and your future.


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