Interview with Fred Black

Colonel Black, my first question is about, what is the reason that you came to Howard and, ah, talk about the tradition of Howard that attracted you to the school.


Well I had been raised in the army, and had spent most of my life going to schools on army posts, until I got to high school. Matter of fact my last two years of High School I was in the city of Detroit where I graduated. And both my mom and my dad; my aunt and my uncle; and a brother had attended Howard. And I was attracted to Howard because of that tradition. The fact that Howard university was a place where you knew you would get a quality education, and you would also get a quality education while living the Black experience. And that was important as I was considering where to go to college in 1963, um, looking forward to graduating in '64 and going off to some school. So, Howard was attractive just because of that relationship, ah--


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