Interview with Jerred Blanchard

Tell me about the calls to your house and how you felt?


The calls to my house were singularly unpleasant because they occurred generally speaking at night or early in the morning and didn't particular, I remember this one fellow, he called at 6 every morning, and I will clean up his language, he said "Wake up nigger lover." And then he'd hang up. I was awake reading the paper anyway so it didn't bother me any. But my wife was quite ill at that time and, ah, she liked to sleep and it awakened her. Other than that, ah, nobody bothered me at the office. There were a few night calls and there were a lot of calls from people who really wanted to talk. But that, that one hate call that came at 6 every morning, that was painful because of my wife's illness. And anyway one really doesn't like to see this dark side of human nature demonstrated in that manner. It's so cowardly. Telephone gives cowards an excuse to come out of the walls and demonstrate their cowardly natures. And I hate to see humans stooping that low. They hide behind the anonymity of the telephone.