Interview with Jerred Blanchard

Tell me about Mayor Loeb. What was Mayor's Loeb's attitude towards the strikers when this first happened?


Loeb's attitude toward the strikers was that of a father whose children had gone astray. You see he had been the commissioner when there were five commissioners who ran our city government prior to 1968. The city council mayor came in, in '68. He had been a commissioner prior to that time and one of his functions was picking up garbage and he said over and over and over I am a garbage man. I understand this. And so he felt that he'd been betrayed. He felt that he knew exactly what was good for these men, he knew how to treat them, knew what ought to be done for them. And the one thing they didn't need was a union. They needed him, Mayor Loeb, to look after them and that's all they needed. That was his approach to it. And a more honest approach, if misguided, you can't ask for.


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