Interview with Jerred Blanchard

What was Mayor Loeb like and what was his attitude when these men first started striking?


What was Henry Loeb like? Well Henry Loeb never changed. He was the same man in 1967 as he was in 1968 and before and after those two years. He had been a member of the five-man commission and as such it had been his function, among others, to pick up the garbage. So he used to joke with everybody that he was a garbage man. Henry felt that he knew the men, that he knew their problems, that he knew the solution to their problems, and that he would take care of them, much more effectively and look after them better than any union in the world. And of this he was convinced. Henry Loeb might have been misguided but insofar as what kind of a man was he, did he have strong beliefs? Was he fair and honest? Certainly, by all of his convictions he was. He simply didn't understand that instead of a garbage strike he had a racial problem. And he never did understand that.