Interview with Unita Blackwell

How did you feel personally, I mean, did you feel very responsible? I mean, what was the sense of power that you felt?


Well, it, it's a sense of responsibility that you, that I felt that, that I had to deliver. I guess, what I, I, what I had taken on was a community that, that I felt that hadn't had anything developed in it. And it hadn't. I mean, we, we didn't have anything. And, um, and somehow, with the skills and things that I had learned over the years, of where to go, where to try to find people to help me develop Mayersville, I was just hoping and, and praying that, that, that I could pull it all together. And, and, um, and that's a strange feeling, you know, that. And so I'd call up on friends and organizations and people that I had worked with and folks that I had known and say, you know, "We've got to find a way to, to get some of the things for, for this community."


OK, perfect. Let me just say, also--