Interview with Unita Blackwell

Let's talk about the cost, um, given the cost that you just talked about, where did you personally find the courage to keep going through it?


The question of where do you find the courage to keep going, I guess, um, sometime you, you don't know. But, I, I, I want to put it that I know that when I got involved in, in the Civil Rights Movement, that I used to have a saying, and, "That nothing from nothing leaves nothing." And, um, we didn't have nothing. And so what was we going to lose by trying to get something? And so, I was about as low, in terms of economically, we didn't have a right to register to vote, we wasn't citizens, or any of these things, so what else can you do but go up? If you try to, to do some of these things, and try to help the next generation, which I had my son to look, ah, I wanted him to come up in a society that he would have the opportunities to be whatever he wanted to be, as well so as myself. So what else do you live for, except your family, your neighbors, your friends, the world? And so you get there, at least I felt that I did, the "keep going-ness" is that every time I look at that, and, and, and move through another era, because I've been through, from the era of the '60s, late '60s to the '70s and, um, the '80s, and now I'm headed into the '90s. Um, you do what you have to do to, um, make it better for all people.