Interview with Herbert X. Blyden

What did you tell those guys after you all heard about the death of Quinn?


Well once we found out that William Quinn had died, the correction officer, it behooved me to then tell these brothers, you, know that straight up, they're in trouble. And the 600 plus inmates who were out in the yard, you know, upon hearing what I was saying to them, the, the death of Quinn, it solidified their position and now they became the key element in the yard. And, ah, I informed them that, you know, all hell is going to break loose because another correction officer is dead and their position was then, "Come on with it!" And I think as a result of us looking at, ah, Quinn's demise and the solidification of their position, you know, we had that cadre of solid fighting force that we need to stay in the yard for additional time.


OK, let's stop a second.