Interview with Herbert X. Blyden

Brother Herb, tell me what was raising the consciousness of the brothers in Attica around that time?


Well for the most part, most of the brothers in the institution in 1971 was raised by the uprisings throughout America from '67, '68, '69, the split I think in the party, West Coast and the East Coast fraction of the Panthers, the Malcolm's teachings, ah, the diverse militant groups that was set up, the Weathermen, the Young Lords, the Five Percenters and, of course, the Nation of Islam's contingent. All of these elements had their consciousness level raised, ah, relative to the well being of their folk as they saw it. So that to confine two thousand men in this small setting, in one institution, with that type of conscious level raising, raised, would, I think, was what I think created the conditions for the rebellion in Attica in 1971.